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My name is Anna, and I am co-founder of Women Workout Clothes. It all started about 6 years ago. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I’ve worked in various gyms, corporate and franchise as a trainer, director, general manager and district VP.

For years I’ve seen members come and go and not really care about their attire.  But then right out of the stone age, “Selfies” were born. Yes, the cellphone was everywhere. You couldn’t walk through a gym without seeing a sea of them.  Everyone just stood between sets snapping shots of themselves.  It was cool to look at the fit bodies enjoying their results.

Suddenly a new trend was born.  Women were coming into the gym in very unique outfits.  Most of which I had never seen.  I had to ask, and I got the answers.  Wow!  This made coming to the gym more fun even for me.  Just watching these trend setters snap shots of their cool outfits.

I became first part of the trend, buying cool outfits and then an expert in picking out just the right sets.  Now all eyes were on me, and women asked me…”where did you get this or that piece..”  They wanted what I wore.  So, I decided to research the business of fitness activewear and found that it was something I really enjoyed.  Interacting with my staff and my customers and being the encyclopedia of fitness gear gave me new meaning and interest in fitness.

I am a perfectionist and spend hours finding the best for the buck.  Brazilian brands were my first love.  They were unique and eye catching.  Most of all they were sexy.  I searched for the best fitness gear available in Brazil.  And the result was our company name “Women Workout Clothes”.

Since then, we’ve added other brands, some from Italy, Hungary, Britain, all over the world really. But I never lost sight of bring the Best fitness gear to my members.  We opened-up boutiques in the gym to give our high-end fitness gear its respectful place.

I still come in to the gym just to speak to members and my customers to find out what they like and what they want.  I will never know a future in this business without my customers input. My customers know they can always contact me directly if they need, and not be forwarded to machines and the like.

We also offer wholesale for others who might have had the same awakening I did years ago and need some guidance on starting their business.

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