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MVP Fitness Gear - Fitness Style Bag - white 90102-street-bag-branco-perolizado-2
MVP Fitness Gear - Fitness Style Bag - white

MVP Fitness Gear – Fitness Style Bag – white

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MVP Fitness Gear – Fitness Style Bag – white

Spacious and versatile the Fitness Bag Style is spacious and adds even more style to your fitness look. For a long time the bags were considered essentially female accessories, and won the fitness world, transcending the only female universe. Today the fitness bag or gym bag is among the workout accessories worn by both men and women. Lightweight, practical and comfortable, each MVP Fitness bag is made with specially selected materials, they are sturdy and receive a reinforced finish to last even longer. In addition to being spacious, it gives you more space to easily carry your clothes, accessories and other objects.
• Zippered main compartment provides ample internal storage space.
•  Internal zippered compartment for smaller accessories.
•  Double hand straps.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

This item is fittedHigh performance grade: designed for high intensity cardio and strength workoutsActiFresh Anti Bacterial: moisture wicking capability; keeps you drySupplex Lycra fabric is stretchy, soft and comfortable; it moves with your bodyUV Protection: provides protection for working out outdoorsDurable: fabric resists tears and puncturesVibrant color; non-fading


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